Monday, February 5, 2007

Stress and sociophobia

I just saw a good episode on the danish TV. The episodes are called Viden Om (which basically means "knowledge about") and this one was about fear and anxiety. This thing is pretty amazing. They said that almost 200.000 people here in Denmark (population around 6 million) suffered from some sort of anxiety disease (I am one of them).
Now how this got to be like this they got a psychologist to explain that our brain was built over millions of years and during that period we usually lived in strict structural social environment of no more then 60-70 people. Today we live in big cities with million people in them and no social structure that we put ourselves into. So our brain cant handle all these differences between today's life and the life it is "used to". So we are sort of living in a stressful environment that gives rise to overproduction of cortisol that attacks our brain and makes us more stressful, forgetful and less equipped to learn new things. Maybe that's why the ideal place for some of us to live in is a small village with few people, get out of the city and into a more rural area. That's at least what I want to do.
Pretty amazing huuuhhh?? I think so, the brain is a magical thing. Specially if you consider the fact that it is actually trying to figure itself out :-)

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