Sunday, February 11, 2007

Weird Al Yankovic

I went to the movies yesterday to see Apocolypto (or what ever it is called), not such a good movie. Interesting first part but boring last part. After the movie we went to this bar called Retro and had two beers there. Pretty typical bar with young people in it (most were younger then me I think :-) ) and accordingly loud boring music, but at one time I heard the sweet melody of Weird Al's new single White and Nerdy! Now it is a parody of another song that I don't know but the lyrics were unmistakable. My humor rose immediately since I am white and nerdy and do like his lyrics. Is it a sign of getting old when you go to a bar with two friends and the best thing there is a song by a comedian?

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Þuríður said...

Já Óli minn þú ert greinilega farinn að reskjast aðeins :) hmm.