Wednesday, January 31, 2007


When I left the lab this evening the wind had picked up a little bit (was up to 15-20 m/s) and when I came home I discovered that it was a bit difficult getting into my room because I had left the window open. When I leave my window open the wind seems to over pressurise my room and it gets difficult to open the door to the corridor. But this day I discovered something "funny".

After I had eaten in the kitchen (which is not in my room, we are 12 that share a kitchen in this dorm) I went back to my room to do some work and discovered a strange smell in my room, couldn't quite place it but I knew this smell. At the moment it is a bit like I have a cold, small headache and a sniffling nostril so I discarded it as something to do with that but the smell was still there, maybe the wind blew something into my room that smelled like that. Then I had to go again to the kitchen so I passed my bathroom and the smell was strongest in there. Ohhh myyy ... what has happened???

I open the toilet and voila! No water in the bowl and there is just sweet shitty smell coming out of my toilet because there is a dry path all the way to the sewer. Easy to fix, just flush the toilet once and the bowl fills up with water and stops the smell from coming up to my room and pleasing my nostrils.

What a strange design that this could actually happen when the wind blows outside and the window is open (this doesn't happen when the wind blows and the window is not open or when the wind is not blowing and the window is either open or closed, I don't think other factors count in this). Maybe I should close the door to my bathroom when I leave in the mornings? I would really like to be able to have my window open when I am not home because it cleans out the air in my room, I don't like stale air.

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