Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Debian release

Like Rafael I am becoming a bit frustraded in the release of Debian Lenny. But not because of how long it takes (well, partly of course) but more because of my lack of ability to help :-)

I like to help out in Debian, I have used this system for a looong time now and like to give back some of my time to make it a good distribution. So far I have been focusing on scientific packages like Octave through the Debian Octave Group but I also subscribe to the Debian Scientific Computing Project and Debian Science mailing list allthough I am not an active participant there.

Unfortunately since I began working here in Iceland I havn't given myself time to help out in the Octave group and I was hoping to be able to do some good over the hollidays but due to the Lenny freeze then not much is going on in Debian except bug squeezing and I don't have enough programming experience to do that. So I guess I will have to focus on something else (or perhaps I will begin to make some packages of debian science, lintian clean, that is allways usefull).

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