Friday, July 4, 2008


Well, in coming August I am going to leave Denmark after 5 years of staying here. I got a job teaching at Háskólasetur Vestfjarða which is located in Ísafjörður but I will be staying with my syster to begin with. She lives in Hnífsdalur which is a small community 4 km north-west from Ísafjörður, a google maps image is available here.

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Dorte said...

Hey Oli

Thanks for birthday greetings! You're leaving Denmark!! That's some news. Congratulations with your new job. That's exiting. You have to post some pictures on your blog, so we can see how it all looks like. I've never been to Ísafjörður/Vestfirðir, so know there's a good reason to go.

Have a fun summer!