Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy new year

2008 has come and 2007 has gone!

A little late new years greatings, but better late then never right?

I spent my holidays in Iceland, flew to Iceland on the 18th of December and came back to Copenhagen on the 7th of January. It was nice visiting Iceland once again, seeing old friends and some realllly old friends. You see, I went to visit my brother and sister who live in Hnífsdalur (which is a small village just outside of Ísafjörður) and there I met an old friend who I had not seen in ten, twenty years or so. That was really fun. Now I have him on MSN so I won't loose track of him again.

It is always fun wisiting Hnífsdalur, there is allways stuff going on there if you look for it (or it comes to you). Like bad weathers that you have to fight through (or just wait out, inside with some hot chocolate and other nice things), this time I was lucky enough to get to a blitz tournament in chess (I came in nr. 9 of 14) and see a concert with Dúndurfréttir which is an Icelandic band that plays cover songs by Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Uriah Heap mainly. Me and my brother went to hear/see them, it was fantastic! I think that The Rolling Stones magazine has said that this was the best Pink Floyd cover band on earth at the moment (completely unsourced statement, just by hearsay).

As for school, well, things are the same there. I am not satisfied with turning in the paper like it is but I don't know what else I can put in it except a few details that I have been meaning to put in it for quite some time but just never had the energy (or whatever one is supposed to call it) to do it. That has to change now.

Enough for now

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