Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Ok, a really absurd situation has just arisen here at my floor at the University of Copenhagen in the H.C.Ørsted building. We have a HP LaserJet 4700 printer here on the floor and yesterday a coworker of mine was printing out his Ph.D. thesis and the printer ran out of the magenta toner. Well, we just replace it today he thought and went home yesterday content on continuing the day after.

Ok, today arrives and he contacts the computer people that handle the printers and they tell him that they don't have that color on stock and whats more they don't have the money to buy more cartridges!!!!

WHAT! They don't have the money to buy toners for our printer? What kind of an operation are people running here? :-)

Here is a well respected institute in physics (and physicists print a lot of stuff, we need our printers) and they can't hold our printers running!

Fortunately there are other printers in the building but this is just so typical somehow and demeaning for the institute. I just don't have a word for this.

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