Friday, September 28, 2007

A little update

I am so close to finishing my masters now I think, that I have begun for serious to apply for Ph.D. programs.

So far I have applied for one at DTU, a really interesting project there that is about making quantum feedback controllers so that measurements that have to be so precise that the quantum noise that follows every experiment made is the lower bound of the precision in the experiment. Usually experiments have lots more uncertainty in them, the equipment that is used has some uncertainty but using feedback controllers than you can try to minimize this uncertainty.

The other position is in Stuttgart, in the group of Prof. Tilman Pfau. They are investigating a lot of things but they are searching for a Ph.D. student in their dipolar BEC of chromium atoms. Sounds fancy ayyhh?? :-)

So I am going down to Stuttgart in october and giving them a talk and they will show me around the lab and we will have a little discussion about the prognosis of me being hired in the position .... jaaaayyyy! :-)

So not much blogging going on, but I will update this when I know something about my future plans.

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