Friday, August 3, 2007

The war in Afghanistan

Well, some people are not afraid to cause a stir I see :-)

A very interesting piece he got published in Daily Mail (not a really respectable piece of tabloid that is I am afraid) and is published on his site here.

There he points out the most ironic fact that Afghanistan decided to act up on international aid efforts advice and stop exporting raw material and start processing it and then export it. That is, they have started exporting heroin instead of opium. Nice work NATO! :-)

All jokes aside then he has some real issues there in this piece, the first being the government of Afghanistan. He sees it like that at it is being run by a good man that has no powers. The head of the armed forces is a known drug trafficker that the west (and Russia) lets him do what he has to do to get richer under the protection (indirectly of course, the war on the Taliban in Afghanistan is a part in this and while NATO forces fight the Taliban the drug lords can make their opium and process it in peace) of the NATO forces, and all the other drug lords get the same indirect benefits of course. He also links the death of Litvinenko to this matter.

I dont know what he wants NATO to do differently, he seems to want them to get out of Afghanistan and let them get back to their old habits of fighting each other until the drug lords are so blown apart that the Taliban can come back and take control. I dont like the smell of that one bit, but the present situation does not seem to be any better either.

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