Friday, April 13, 2007


It is funny to be a physicist and work with atoms. There you have to think in the nanometers scale. This sort of got me off balance when I was looking for bed linen. I measured the cover of my cover to be 2 m long and 1.2 m wide and went looking for that but found only 2 m long and 1.4 m wide! That is a 20 cm difference! That is huge I thought, the linen will be hanging around my cover and it wont be comfortable. I searched in many places but all had the same sizes. I started to get suspicious of my doubts and decided to contact my sister who is a professional seamstress. She just laughed at me and told me that this was normal and that I should go get a reality check (ok, you didn't say it in those words sys but close enough :-) ).

Yeh, mixing work with every day life is difficult, work makes sense, life doesn't!

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