Thursday, January 18, 2007

Exploding doors!

At school yesterday we were talking about the main entrence to H. C. Ørsted institute. It has 4 doors on each side of a small hall and each door (8 in all) have big windows in them, there are pumps that keep the doors from slamming when released if open. The thing about these doors is that they open out instead of in like most doors do and a colleague of mine was wondering of why that is. Apparantly they did this design because if an explosion would happen inside the building (the doors are in the chemistry part of the building, we physicists dont do explosions that often) then the doors would fly open and not shatter the glass in the doors. He and another colleague thought this was bullshit but I am not so certain, I think glass can be strong enough to press open the doors (even though there is this dampening pump on them). What do you think?

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